Thursday, June 12, 2014

Child Predators in the Alberta Child Protection System... Nothing new he...


  1. This is sad Shawn! But there is many Crypto Jews, these are whit people Jews who love this shit getting off on seeing those who are NON Jew white people. And people from other races too. There's many of them working getting paid through tax payer funded for Israeli security. They are getting paid to get off on seeing this happen to who ever is NOT considered to be Crypto Jews too. Crypto Jews own CNN, Fox News, and they are in control of CBC too. They pretty much own and or control mainstream gun stock and barrel. They puppet string control all the PSCs too. They love it a cackle over all the dividing and conquering they've accomplished. Jimmy Pattison I equate him as a Propaganda Minister for Jew Control above Canada. This is very sad for non Jews, and it is in their books chalked up as another win.

  2. "If Jews form this nation of Israel, they will NOT go there. Instead they will stay in their host nations to carry out their crimes for as long as they possibly can. Then flea to Israel. - 1924 Adolf Hitler"