Monday, February 9, 2015

I sent 28 lascivious images of preteens to hundreds of politicians, police, media, supreme Court, those on my paramount email list on February 2nd 2015, only a little fraction of the child porn images from my report updates exhibits sent to them over the years. I sent that so the new people on my email list would know my upcoming report is 100% legal, yes so they will not be in shock and know the federal law makers and authorities cannot accuse them of possessing youth porn. Yes my upcoming report is an official paramount report, revolutionary and not in any way against the law. In fact my upcoming report is of international interest and of interest to the public in all nations. The media giant Ken Rockburn who is a predator was quite malicious as he did not deny the images yet he did tell me basically to F-off. - He thinks acting in denial can save him. Who does Mr. Rockburn think he is! The following is email evidence of Rockburn's malicious and rich rude attitude.

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