Friday, August 25, 2017

Breached Securities - The business of everybody ...

Ignoring my report proves a person does not have real love and ignoring my report proves a policing authority is not real authority or health authority is not real. Witness the 23 page Summit reality report of the Century - On the 24th of this month I ran into a off-duty rcmp officer at a light and I spoke of my free-speech rights being violated and I gave the officer my blog address to my report. The officer said I might need to wait to find justice in this province. After midnight I found I was stalked by a civilian who pretended as if they were being a friend and yet I ran into them a number of times within a half an hour and I saw a corrupt cop in a police vehicle hide. I told the man that I know he was stalking me, and I told him my report is seen by a great number of businesses all over Edmonton, and I told him its illegal for cops to interfere with me in any way. He took off like a bat out of Hell and I reported the matter to friends. Its illegal that cops use civilian system connected persons to act as spies and informants.

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